Ward Hi-Tech Score Quickly with Hwacheon Confidence Package

20 Aug 2011

Within a week of launching its unique Confidence Package an innovative machine tool purchasing scheme that allows the buyer to exercise an option to return a machine after 12 months, Ward Hi-Tech took an order for 3 Hwacheon turning centres and equipment all to be supplied under the terms of the scheme.

The driven tool Hwacheon Cutex 200 models with 8" chuck and bar loaders were ordered by a long established Northern based aerospace contractor who needed immediate additional capacity to fulfil a current contract for precision barfed aluminimum and stainless steel components.

Mike Burke, UK Sales Manager for Ward Hi-Tech said

"The Company were guaranteed at least 10 months work for the lathes but without assurances of a further extension to the contract, were unsure whether to commit to a substantial financial investment, particular in the current economic climate."

Having been made aware of the "Confidence Package" though, a speedy visit to Ward Hi-Tech's showroom to view a demonstration of the Hwacheon Cutex 200 quickly established that the high specification machine was ideal for their requirements.

Paul Eaton the Ward Hi-Tech Finance Manager was then able to tailor a funding arrangement under the "Confidence Package" banner that allowed the customer the option of sending back the lathes after 12 months.

With a suitable technical and commercial package in place an order was swiftly placed and the client is now completely in control of the situation. If his contract is not renewed, he has the confidence to know he can return the Hwacheon lathes and will not be tied into a long term financial commitment.

Once the machines are given back, the HP agreement ceases without any penalty.

The monthly finance payments, terms and return option are all agreed up front so there are no surprises or hidden costs. Paul Eaton commented:

"This is a typical example of what our 'Confidence Package is all about! Our client did not want to be tied into a long term finance agreement if there is a chance he may lose his own contract next year. By signing up to our unique scheme he can have the best of all worlds - a high quality CNC lathe that he can give back and stop paying for if his business circumstances deteriorate in the future!"

Ward Hi-Tech are one of the UK's leading CNC machine tool distributors with a wide ranging product portfolio that includes CNC lathes by Hwacheon, Vertical Machining Centres by Dah Lih, large frame heavy duty CNC vertical lathes by HNK and universal milling centres by Kiheung.

For more information please contact Ward Hi Tech Limited on
0114-256-0333 or email: sales@wardhitech.co.uk

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