20 Aug 2011

Ward Hi-Tech the leading Sheffield based CNC machine tool distributor has announced the launch of its "Confidence Package" a unique purchasing promotion available on all Dah Lih vertical Machining Centres and Hwacheon CNC Lathes.

This innovative scheme is based on a simple HP finance arrangement, which can be structured to include an option to give back the machine after 12 months if the customers business circumstances change.

There are no complications, no hidden costs and if the option to return the machine is taken up, there is no further financial commitment.

Commented Paul Eaton, Ward Hi-Tech Finance Manager:

"Our "Confidence Package" does just what it says, it gives a potential buyer confidence to proceed positively with a machine tool investment plan knowing that if circumstances change in the future, there is a 'get out clause'. Once the "give back" option is triggered and the machine returned the customers effectively has no further financial commitment and does not have the worry of sustaining on going monthly finance payments".

For more information please contact Ward Hi Tech Limited on
0114-256-0333 or email: sales@wardhitech.co.uk

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