19 Oct 2010

In spite of the current difficult market conditions, Ward Hi-Tech was pleased to report a healthy burst of orders towards the end of June.

"Although times are tough the last 2 weeks saw our sales team bring in over £1m worth of business", commented Mike Burke, Ward Hi-Tech UK Sales Manager.

"We were helped by the sale of a large HNK vertical lathe with driven tooling, to a major oil and gas sub contractor, but pleasingly we also clinched a number of orders for mid to large capacity Hwacheon CNC turning centres and a Kiheung Universal Milling Centre with a 3m X axis travel" he went on.

"August has started better than we predicted and I think our success is due to our ability to supply much more than just a machine but instead to provide an all round package of machine finance extended warranty and technical support, that really stands out especially with the uncertain economy at the moment".

Ward Hi-Tech unveiled their "Confidence Package" at the end of March. A unique purchasing scheme available on all Hwacheon and Dah Lih machine tool products which allows the buyer to install a machine quickly but have the option to send the machine back after a minimum of 12 months if their business circumstances change.

Already several new customers have taken advantage of the scheme, which allows the customer to remain in control of his finances even if business turns down in future.

Once a machine has been returned, the monthly finance payments are cancelled and the customer has no further financial commitment.

"An ideal way to purchase a machine tool in these uncertain times and still retain financial control", said Mike Burke.

Dah Lih Vertical Machining Centres are available with X axis travels from 510mm up to 2600mm, including high speed and heavy duty variations with a variety of options.

Hwacheon CNC Turning Centres range from 6" chuck to 32" chuck, single or twin spindle, single or twin turret and include multi axis variations.

For more information please contact Ward Hi Tech Limited on
0114-256-0333 or email: sales@wardhitech.co.uk

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