15 Sep 2011

Ward Hi-Tech, one of the UK's leading distributors of CNC machine tools and equipment are responding to growing demand from the oil and gas, power generation and renewable energy sectors for heavier long bed turning machines by unveiling their latest additional to an already wide ranging product portfolio.

SFM heavy duty long bed CNC lathes will now be distributed throughout the UK and Ireland by the Sheffield based CNC specialists, in addition to a number of overseas markets.

Based in Taichung, Taiwan's main machine tool producing city, SFM will shortly celebrate their 60th Anniversary having been formed in 1962 as a producer of conventional engine lathes. The business grew rapidly during the 1990's as SFM moved into the design and manufacture of CNC turning machines and when the Millennium arrived, the Company were already growing their export business in the USA and Europe as well as servicing the Far Eastern and home markets.

SFM now export to all the major European markets and are about to open a sales and service centre in the USA to support their growing business in North America, which is very much focussed on the oil & gas industry in the region.

The SFM heavy duty turning range comprises 20 flat bed model types with turning diameters from 730mm up to 2500mm and bed lengths from 1000mm up to 15000mm.

Heavy duty 2 and 4 shear bed designs with bed widths up to 1470mm ensure extremely rigid performance, whilst main spindle motors of up to 80HP incorporating 4 stage gear box drive provide high power and exceptional torque output at even the lowest speeds.

Every SFM lathe is provided with the option of a range of large spindle bore sizes up to 21" diameter. A double chuck design headstock together with heavy duty boring attachments and various steady rests enable the machines to be the ideal production tool for typical oil & gas sector products as well as a variety of other larger components such as large diameter tyre moulds, valves, steel rollers, crank shafts etc. CNC control is provided by Fanuc, Fagor or Siemens systems and the machines can be equipped with "C" axis and driven tooling to provide a complete turn/mill facility.

Ward Hi-Tech have already taken orders for four SFM long bed lathes prior to the official launch of the agency and UK Sales Manager, Mike Burke, is enthusiastic about the future opportunities.

"We have been searching for this type of turning machine range for some time now but have been careful to ensure any prospective partner could provide not only the right type of product range, but could also support us and our UK customers properly in terms of technical back-up in the future. I am pleased to say that our colleagues at SFM have ticked all the right boxes and since commencing our relationship we have found them to be a caring and completely committed partner.

Of course it has helped that already in the early stages of our relationship we have sold four SFM CNC lathes with swings over bed of 1070mm and 1420mm respectively and 5m bed lengths!

Indications are the range will take us into areas of the oil & gas sector that have previously been difficult for us to attack". He continued.

In line with their global product strategy Ward Hi-Tech have agreed a forward order stock schedule with SFM that will ensure machines will be available on short delivery or direct from showroom in the future.

As Mr Burke put it:

"We are gearing up to take advantage of the upturn and SFM are part of our strategy to provide large capacity machine tools on short lead times at competitive prices".

The Company are looking forward to building a growing SFM user base during the next few years alongside their existing product families!

The SFM CNC heavy duty lathe range can be viewed on Ward Hi-Tech's website: www.wardhitech.co.uk.

For more information please contact Ward Hi Tech Limited on
0114-256-0333 or email: sales@wardhitech.co.uk

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