26 Jul 2013

Korea's largest independent machine tool builder, Hwacheon, has introduced the Hi-Tech 450, a CNC turning centre said to be stronger and heavier than typical mid-sized competitor models. Available from UK distributor, Ward Hi-Tech, the new machine features all-boxway guides, a gearbox-driven main spindle and 10-15" chuck options. This robust design strategy offers automotive subcontractors the opportunity to take large depths of cut or aerospace subcontractors the capability to tackle tough materials, for example.
The sturdy boxways on the Hwacheon Hi-Tech 450 are designed purposely to maintain durability and precision even when performing prolonged machining operations. The ways are hand-scraped and polished to the highest precision to reduce vibration and allow accurate feed during heavy cutting. Similarly, the single-frame bed structure eliminates heat distortion and absorbs vibration to help provide quality surface finishes and utmost precision during high speed machining operations.
The same level of robust design has been applied to the spindle mechanics. While many competitors feature a single range direct drive for the main spindle, the standard automatic gearbox on the Hwacheon Hi-Tech 450 range provides extra, torque and power at lower speed while providing fast and efficient cutting at higher speeds. Furthermore, the transmission and spindle motor are separated to minimise heat and vibration interference.
The 450 range features maximum turning diameters from 420mm to 500mm and turning lengths from 760mm to 1350mm with chuck size options of 10", 12" and 15".
All models are available with driven tools (up to 12), full C-axis and Y-axis if required, while the A and B Series can also feature a sub-spindle. In total, some 26 different configurations of the Hwacheon Hi-Tech 450 are available: the standard model weighs in at 5.5 tonnes, with the heaviest topping an impressive 8.8 tonnes.
On all models, swing-over-bed is 700mm while swing over saddle is 550mm. All models are supplied with Fanuc 0i-TD CNC with Manual Guide and 10.4" colour LCD screen as standard.
The Hwacheon Hi-Tech 450 turning centre range can match applications from basic part turning to high complexity component production via simultaneous control of multiple axes using the turn-mill function and C-axis spindle. With the addition of a sub-spindle, the main and the sub-spindles can work in sync to complete first and second operations on the same machine, thus maximising productivity.

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