After an extremely positive December for us here at Ward Hi Tech, we have extended our special offer. This means you can buy your new machine tool now and not pay until December 2021! 

We can now offer our customers the option to stay paying for their new machine tool in December 2021. We have extended the deadline on this offer until 31st March 2021.

As vaccine roll outs start to take effect and much of the population now being vaccinated, Ward Hi Tech are aiming to give confidence to the marketplace by offering this very long term payment holiday and attractive cash flow scenario.

This unique promotion also provides a significant saving in first year interest costs and by utilising this year's extended annual investment allowance, additional savings in your year end tax bill can be made. Together, our scheme provides significant cash flow, interest costs and corporation tax savings during 2021 providing you with a tremendous incentive to invest in a new CNC machine tool this year. 

Keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media for more exciting content over the next few weeks, as we will run this offer until the end of March alongside the government CBILS programme. 

Use our "Contact Us" function or give us a call on 0114-256-0333 to discuss your requirements and see what Ward Hi Tech can do to help cashflow and production in your business.