Our Taiwanese partners Visionwide are about to celebrate their 22nd birthday after formation in early 1999. 

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One of the largest builders of double column CNC machining centres in their own country and East Asia as a whole, Vision Wide concentrate solely on the design and manufacture of large frame moving bed and travelling gantry type models, being founded to mainly provide customers with the most cost-efficient high-precision double column machining centers and milling machines.

Under the simple system operation management, Vision Wide design and develop in accordance with customer demands. They manufacture stable and reliable products via a set of strict production and QC procedures to provide the customers with quality technical service, enjoying profits and growing together with sales partners.

Vision Wide has rapidly grown into a scale of an annual revenue of NTD$1 billion and have been recognized by various domestic quality standards and national awards. 

The Taiwanese based company has gradually developed into a medium-size enterprise with 200 employees.

In 2013, CEO, Chen Songjiang was awarded the 31th Nation Manager Excellence Award, producing capacity and investing in talented people via organization reforms, and establishing a Research and Development centre.

In 2016, Visionwide established Human Resource Department to enhance talent on home shores and to improve employment relationship . The company's third plant in Nantou was completed and a new series of new products were released in 2017, taking Vision Wide to yet another height. 

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