So the big question is - What actually is CNC Turning?

CNC Turning is a manufacturing process carried out on a CNC lathe . A bar of material is held in a chuck and rotated while a tool is fed in to the bar to remove material. A turret storing cutting tool is programmed to move in to two axes( X and Z), whilst the cutting tool removes material to create the programmed shape. This is also called “subtraction machining” since it involves material removal. If the lathe has both turning and milling capabilities, , the chuck can be stopped and braked to allow a driven tool to carry out milling and drilling operations. 

The starting material, though usual round, can be other shapes such as squares or hexagons.

If a bar feeder is utilised, a number of components can be turned and then parted off from one bar of material.. this is particularly useful for producing volume parts.

CNC lathes or turning centres often have cutting tools mounted in a turret which is computer-controlled. The more tools that that the turret can hold, the more options are available for complexities on the part.

CNC Lathes with “live” tooling options, can stop the bar rotation and allow the lathe to carry out milling and driling work to add additional features such as drilled holes, slots and milled surfaces. Some CNC turning centres have one spindle, allowing work to be done all from one side, while other turning centres, have two spindles, a main and sub-spindle. A part can be partially machined on the main spindle, moved to the sub-spindle to have additional work carried out on the rest of the part thus allowing a component to be produced in one operation.

There are many different kinds of CNC turning centres with various types of tooling options, spindle options, outer diameter limitations as well as power and speed capabilities that affect the types of parts that can be economically made on it.

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